It's quite simple, really . . . Clean mountain air, spring fed water, and access to nutritious grasses 24/7 from birth to maturity = Good Health For All Living Things! That's Seven Springs Ranch Grass-fed Beef. Our family takes pride in what we produce and regard our business as an investment in our community. Our beef cattle represent a lifetime of good animal husbandry practices. Our mission is to provide safe, clean, healthful beef for You and your family.

Seven Springs welcomes the newest standards for grass-fed livestock! See below!

Capital Press ~ October 19, 2007 ~ USDA OKs rule on grass-fed beef label: "Animals cannot be fed grain or grain by-products and must have continuous access to pasture during the growing season". ANSWER: Our (Seven Springs Ranch) beef have 365 days of free access to grazing with supplemental hay during the winter months.

How to Purchase Seven Springs Grass-fed Beef.

  • Contact us ! We are happy to make recommendations, as to what size beef might be your best choice!
  • We sell our beef direct to our customers by either whole or half orders. Animals are processed in the Fall.
  • The hanging, or carcass weight will range between 450-640 pounds (225-320 for 1/2 order).
  • The beef is sold at $3.00 per pound, based on hanging weight.

“I tell everyone I know where we get our grass-fed beef. Just a little story.... we had thawed a couple of steaks for dinner one summer eve when friends unexpectedly rolled in from out of town. With no time to thaw more meat we went to the store and bought extra steak. Just for fun we cut the store bought steaks into pieces and made sure that everyone had some of each and didn’t say anything. Everyone commented on the difference. Your beef was the best hands down! In fact, the store bought beef was left on the plate while the grass-fed vanished. It’s good stuff!
— S. Cooper ~ October 2010
  • Processing fees will add approximately $0.75-80 per pound, this includes on-site harvesting and custom cut & wrap.
  • The beef is then dry-aged, until ready to be cut and wrapped.
  • Normally that time will vary from 10-14 days up to allow for the meat to age, naturally.
  • We are happy to accommodate delivery within the state of Oregon, whenever possible!

“Seven Springs beef has been a staple in our household for two years now. We wish we would have started eating it sooner. Lean but tender and always tasty, we feel better knowing that it has been raised by great people like the Youngs, producing the most healthful beef possible. We strongly recommend Seven Springs to anyone interested in purchasing beef!”
— A. & R. Smith~July 2008
“Thanks for your hard work. We are looking forward to more amazing beef this fall!”
— M. Welton~April 2010
“The beef is awesome! We love it. So far we’ve had steaks, burgers, and stew!
Everything has been great. Thanks so much.”
— J. Tietjen~October 2008
“We have enjoyed Seven Springs Ranch beef for a good number of years. Our family and friends agree this is some of the most flavorful, tender and lean beef they have eaten. The Young’s take great pride and care in raising their animals, and we highly recommend Seven Springs Ranch.”
— A. Redcay ~ January 2016